How does this website function?

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This site is mainly build around the free weblog tool Pivot, which serves the main dynamic pages (weblog, foodlog) , the content on several semi-static pages and allows you to comment on different parts of the website. This tool is a php / xml based weblog system. Furthermore a lot of extra customized stuff has been put in, mostly combinations of mysql-database and php-coding. I must admit that over time the site got bigger and bigger and currently even I have to take a good look before I change something ;-)

The photos are served by Gallery2, also a open-source, php-based tool which I will change so that it will fit the layout of the rest of the page in the future.

The divelog is a personal made php / mysql application, which gets its data from a windows tool called Divinglog, in which I keep track of my diving activities. This tool, as well as the webfrontend I have build, are still developing. This I want to include is a link to pivot-entries, describing the dives, and some more stuff.

If you have questions on how I did this or that thing, feel free to contact me.

What is this site about

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This little place on the Internet,, is the personal homepage of Martijn Damen.

Here I put stuff that I like, without expecting that you, the respected reader, would have any interest in it at all. If you do, fine, but don't expect me to change this site in any way to make it more the way you like. Ofcourse, good suggestions are always welcome ;-)

So, who are you

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Ok, something about me.

I finished my study Industrial Engineering & Management at the University of Twente on the 12th of November 2002, a few days before turning 26. During the last half year of my study I worked with Siemens in a small place called Erlangen, somewhere in the south of Germany. There I did research on the Macro-Environmental Influences on eBusiness Strategies. After graduating I worked as a work-student at the same Siemens for another half a year, before becoming a full-time employee there and entering a Trainee@IT Programm.

Since then I have been working with Siemens on several eBusiness related things (like and and at the moment I am working on a completely new project.... let's just say it is all very interesting.

During my free time I like to go diving (that explains the divelog, duh!) and currently I'm busy with two diving courses as CSAS instructor. One for adults who are doing their CMAS * course and one for our youth, they start diving with 8 and get the KTSA (childeren's diving licence)

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