Sick.... very sick

Friday : 24 May '02 - 17:12 | admin default | Wikipedia

Sick link: (Dutch only, sorry people)

Volkert van der G., de man die er van wordt verdacht op 6 mei Pim Fortuyn te hebben vermoord, blijkt fanatiek automobilist. Uit betrouwbare bron is vernomen dat Van der G. niet alleen vaak in een auto reed, maar er ook een in bezit had en lid was van de fanatieke autobeweging ANWB"

writers block? buy a car? oh well...

Wednesday : 22 May '02 - 14:55 | admin default Only one comment | Wikipedia

At the moment I'm having quite a struggle with getting my research paper started. One of the main problems is that it is very hard to find good articles about the subjects eBusiness, environment and strategy, because I don't have access to the online paper databases I'm used to at the University.... By now I requested a special login for the university network with which I hopefully can search and download the articles I need.

Update: That is not possible. They can only give me an option to search in the databases, but not to download the articles... that is not going to help me very much now :-(

Oh, and we're buying a car tonight. We found a nice Mazda 121 comfort with all the extra's (airbags, ABS, extra winter tires etc) to make us happy and with a move up ahead it is quite nessacery too... So tonight we will go to the dealer and sign all the papers, and then it is the hell of going through the local administration here in Erlangen to get everything fixed. Today I went to the local administration office to register in Erlangen, but that took me long enough. I was almost completely happy when I found out that I could do everything I had to do in Enschede online.... amazing that the city council is that far already isn't it.

Photo's from california

Tuesday : 21 May '02 - 21:35 | admin default two comments, already | Wikipedia

A friend of mine, who called himself Wow-ter to overcome the american lanquage bariers has put some photo's on his site, so if yzou have to much time:

Bierfest (2)

Monday : 20 May '02 - 09:05 | admin default | Wikipedia

To get the impression, some photo's of the beerfest:

This is how three maß look like

A nice tent full of beerdrinking people

People waiting for the first free (!!!) maßen of beer

Moving again.... (2)

Monday : 20 May '02 - 08:59 | admin default | Wikipedia

As I told I will move again in about two weeks, this time to the nice place of Erlangen ( , The last two days we have been doing our best to pack everything in the old appartment into boxes and had two move companies come by to give us an offer for the moving costs... I don't know why these people of move companies always look like half criminals, but they sure do.

Everything is nog well stuffed in boxes, again very amazing how much stuff you can find in an appartment. This week we will try to buy a car, we found a nice Mazda 121 comfort of three years old with all the extra's (airbags, ABS, electric windows etc). So hopefully we will be mobile before the new appartment is available :-)



Sunday : 19 May '02 - 22:39 | admin default Only one comment | Wikipedia

Wow... last thursday evening I have experienced my first real german Bierfest, a beerparty... take a look on the website of the anual Bergfest of Erlangen, at After a Maß of four (please read 1 liter beer for a maß) it was quite enough for me and I had to get back to Nuernberg.... ofcourse that was more of a problem than it seems at that time, last train already left.... lets take the bus.

After I was finaly in bed I thought I would never drink beer again. Probably you have to be a real Bayer or Franken to keep up with all of the 12 days of this fest.... And Yes, there are people capable of that

Wheater in Nuernberg & Erlangen

Tuesday : 14 May '02 - 22:08 | admin default two comments, already | Wikipedia

Hopefully everybody is also enjoying the weather as we do. Today I had training of the dive-club TSKE in the Freibad West in Erlangen. The weather was really beautifull, nice clear blue sky, sunny etc.. but the water was freezing cold because they have a problem with the heating or something.

Anyway, for the swimmers unser us, Erlangen has a indoor 50 meter bath and a outdoor 50 meter bath.... Woutje, are you jelous yet?

Weather in Erlangen:

Weather in Nuernberg:


Using windows XP? Read this tip

Tuesday : 14 May '02 - 22:03 | admin default | Wikipedia

As I'm always fighting with windows XP I had trouble with that nice looking login screen in which you can select the user with a nice foto. The problem was that as soon as you add extra users the logon screen doesn't display the administrator anymore. I found this registry hack that does the trick:


Not too much going on right now

Monday : 13 May '02 - 17:35 | admin default | Wikipedia

Today I went on with the litrature research for my assignment. At the moment it feels like seeking a needle in a haystack, or more like working with a well knit together bunch of rope. I just need to find one end and than I'm able to find a lot of other resources. Personally I think this analog goes on very well for seeking information on the internet and in article databases. Once you've found an article that is very good, it will have references to other articles that are also interesting, and so on.

We will see what the future will bring us (filosophical moment?!?!)


The passion fruit

Sunday : 12 May '02 - 15:37 | admin default | Wikipedia

When I left my old student house my roommates gave me a book of K. Glastra van Loon, named 'De Passievrucht'.

The story is about a man who discovers that his son cannot be his, because a medical exam shows that he cannot have any childeren. Because the mother died years before, a journey to his past begins. Very nice to read on rainy sunday afternoons, as now in Germany:
radarbeeld: Overzicht zo, 12-05 07:00 MEZT

Till now I have had about three days of work, because thursday and friday were both free days here, so my first working week was quite short. Still very interesting, a lot of information is coming towards me and sometimes it gives the feeling it is all a little bit too much. Next thursday we will move into the appartment of friends of Aiyue, so that we don't have to cope any more with the roommate of Aiyue, who is giving us a hard time. Than it is time to pack all of our stuff and move to Erlangen, can't wait!


First working day

Monday : 06 May '02 - 15:08 | admin default two comments, already | Wikipedia

Today the first day of my assignment with Siemens AG in Erlangen and as expected not very productive, because of all the arrangements that had to be made before I could start. So they took a nice picture for my Ausweiß, had me informed that my computer was available but because the administrative person was not there it could not be delivered to my desk and of course there were delays with my login etc. Now I'm working on the computer of another student who is not in the office today.

Quite a nice system by the way that they have here for students of the universities of Erlangen and Nürnberg. Sometimes they pick out some good students and offer them a part-time job for 8-20 hours a week, so the students can pick up some experience in the business and at the same time earn some money to pay for there expenses etc.... quite a good system, perhaps interesting for companies in the Netherlands :-)

For the rest is life quite easy, only problems with the roommate of Aiyue shine a bad light on things. She somehow has decided that she hates the both of us from now, and instead of complaining to me she is giving a hard time on Aiyue...poor girl. But we will be only two weeks in this place, than two weeks to watch over the appartment of friends who are on holiday and after that we move to Erlangen to our new appartment (bigggggg, ca 80 m2).

Now back to the study, a lot of things to read, on- and offline!!!

Below I nice cartoon for e-Business interested german speaking people (I mean Jeroen):
click to see big

Moving again.....

Sunday : 05 May '02 - 10:06 | admin default two comments, already | Wikipedia

Hello, you never guess, but even though the move to Nuernberg was quite a lot of work I will be moving again in about a month... amazing isn't it. We found a new appartment in Erlangen, bigger and without the difficult roommate ;-), so we will move somewhere in the first week of june, are there already volenteers to help.. :-)

Tomorrow is the first day of my assignment, so that means getting a desk, computer, telephone, signing contracts, getting an keycard etc... I'm quite curious how it will be like to work for a big company, but I probably will experience that on the way.

For the people in Enschede, please keep me informed about the gossip and stuff that is going on, you know were to send the email!!

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