Sunday : 28 Jan '07 - 17:50 | damen default Only one comment | Wikipedia

This evening Manu and I will visit the Burgtheathre to see a cabarett performance by Ken Bardowicks. They say about him that he does not have an answer to every question, but at least a question to every answer ;-)

Update: Ok, it was a very nice evening, Ken hat some funny tricks on his list and I am absolutely positive that he is a complete lunatic (like my brother). Not the best show ever seen, but definitely worth for your Sunday evening :-)
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Sunday : 28 Jan '07 - 15:39 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

"Als de winter begint ontstaat er bij ons (Nederlanders) een onbedwingbare trek naar de Oer-Hollandse stamppotten"

Deze uitspraak vond ik vandaag toen ik met het begrip "Boerenkool" een beetje aan het googlen was. Gisteren heb ik op de markt voor een fortuin aan verse, net van het land gehaalde, onbespoten en biologisch verantwoorde boerenkool gehaald (3,77€ voor een kilo!!) en die gaat dus vanavond op tafel komen. Nu is het hier in Zuid.Duitsland niet echt gebruikelijk om boerenkool te eten (hier heet het trouwens Grünkohl), dus dat wordt voor Manu en Claudia (zusje van Manu) interessant.

Op het menu staat dus een traditonele boerenkoolstamppot met worst, helaas kon ik daarvoor de goede rookworst niet vinden, maar goed, met braadworstjes moet het ook wel gaan.

Gelukkig heeft het al gevroren, want dan is de boerenkool lekkerder:

"Boerenkool is het lekkerst als het al gevroren heeft. Zetmeel in de kool wordt dan omgezet in suikers waardoor de pittige koolsmaak enigszins zoeter wordt. Als het nog niet gevroren heeft kunt u dit ook zelf regelen door de boerenkool minimaal een nacht in de diepvriezer te leggen."
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Some more winter pictures

Friday : 26 Jan '07 - 08:11 | damen default three comments, already | Wikipedia

Just click them for the new featured view:

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With signs like this it's no wonder..

Thursday : 25 Jan '07 - 07:59 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

... that we, the Dutch, have such a special name with our German neighbours (ND!) :-)

Snow snow snow

Wednesday : 24 Jan '07 - 22:04 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

Yesterday when I left the office quite late (cough 22h30 cough) it was already snowing and when we woke up this morning there was enough of that white stuff to make transportation here in Nürnberg interesting, to say the least. Luckily I went home with the subway and could also go to work with the subway this morning, so there was no problem.

But then I went by car during lunch break and had some interesting curves :-) Playing with the snow like an adult, I love my hand brake! gnagnagna

Here a picture to give you a feeling of the weather here:

Nice snowy weather, like we wanted with Christmas ;-)

New chair

Wednesday : 24 Jan '07 - 21:31 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

On Monday morning I went to the little town of Offenhausen where the Dauphin factory has it's home. The thing was this, for about two weeks I was talking with a collegue about me searching for a chair that has all the stuff needed for a good home office (back support, multi-leveling etc.) when another collegue came to me and said he knew somebody who could help me. Than he called his friend and found out that they had a chair out of the factory outlet that was exactly what I searched for. So on Monday we met at the factory and Matthias' friend brought me to the service manager who sold me this chair for a very good price:

The Trend!Office Dat-O DA 81165 (without the headrest)

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Dat moet ik lezen

Monday : 22 Jan '07 - 22:02 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

gewoon een merkertje voor mezelf ;-)

Now this is called relaxing!

Sunday : 21 Jan '07 - 17:06 | damen default Only one comment | Wikipedia

Sometimes I really wish I was a cat, and in that case one that lived with my parents. Our cat called 'Snoet' is displaying here the perfect example of how we should be living, instead of the stress we have all day due to work, recreation etc.

Now that is what I call the real life!

btw: Manu is still convinced that I was a cat in my former life... strange isn't it!

New Project: Getting podcasts to work in WMP

Saturday : 20 Jan '07 - 13:58 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

This weekend I will try to get podcasts to work integrated with my windows media player. I still don't get that they haven't brought out an update with this feature, because that integration is really one of the big advantages that iTunes has over media player. I'll keep you up-to-date on my progress... futhermore I will spend some considerable amount of time this weekend working on my project plan, probably I will be fighting with MS Project a lot... somehow this tool requires a very big training to use it correctly.
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Friday : 19 Jan '07 - 08:09 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

After the Netherlands in on Thursday the Hurricane "kyrill" came to Germany later on the day and of course let to large amounts of panic here in the south of Germany. Around half past three I got a call from Manu telling me that everybody in their building were ordered to leave the office and go home. (strangely this kind of announcement was not placed in my office, makes you wonder right...)

So when I got home it was already very stormy, like the old days in Den Helder :-)

Duiker vermist :-(

Monday : 15 Jan '07 - 18:30 | damen default three comments, already | Wikipedia

Brr... hier word je niet echt blij van als duiker :-(
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Dilbert is just too scary

Friday : 12 Jan '07 - 08:31 | damen default Only one comment | Wikipedia

Like every year I bought the Dilbert day-to-day calender again. Last week there was this typical situation described, probably very familiar for everybody that works at a rather large company where moving is done too often (I know I do :-p)

Click here for larger image

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Still problems with Arcor

Wednesday : 10 Jan '07 - 22:08 | damen default Only one comment | Wikipedia

Remember what I posted on here? Today I got a letter of them where they tell me in friendly tones that my connection will be, as I requested, changed to DSL6000 in stead of DSL16000. And that therefore my new contract will be valid for 12 Months starting the 1st of February. *()@*($)@)(*@ !! They cannot provide the 16Mbit DSL and now they turn it so that is looks like I requested it... so tomorrow I will send out a very very angry letter or fax to them...

Grmbl....grom grom grom
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First working day after the holidays

Tuesday : 09 Jan '07 - 08:16 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

Yesterday I made it through my first day after the Christmas holidays, and I must say that it was really something I'm not happy to get used to again :-) Luckily not too many emails, but therefore some 'interesting' meetings just on the first day, all with a short notice that I had to attend. Anyway, that is something I have to live with. The bad part is that my back is still not too good, so I hope after a physiotherapy session this evening everything will be better.
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Howto easily change email signatures in outlook

Monday : 08 Jan '07 - 09:34 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

I never really looked into this very thoroughly, but now that we have got new rules for the Outlook signatures I have search a bit arround trying to find an easy way to change the signature in my email. And I found one as Microsoft Tutorial: Just click here to see it
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Heel fout

Friday : 05 Jan '07 - 19:53 | damen default Only one comment | Wikipedia

Maar ik moest hem gewoon hebben... een TaucherSparSchwein!!!

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Friday : 05 Jan '07 - 15:04 | damen Cooking No comments yet | Wikipedia

I think I know what we are going to eat tomorrow:

Sesame Seared Tuna


* 1/4 cup soy sauce
* 1 tablespoon mirin (Japanese sweet wine)
* 1 tablespoon honey
* 2 tablespoons sesame oil
* 1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar
* 4 (6 ounce) tuna steaks
* 1/2 cup sesame seeds
* wasabi paste
* 1 tablespoon olive oil


1. In a small bowl, stir together the soy sauce, mirin, honey and sesame oil. Divide into two equal parts. Stir the rice vinegar into one part and set aside as a dipping sauce.
2. Spread the sesame seeds out on a plate. Coat the tuna steaks with the remaining soy sauce mixture, then press into the sesame seeds to coat.
3. Heat olive oil in a cast iron skillet over high heat until very hot. Place steaks in the pan, and sear for about 30 seconds on each side. Serve with the dipping sauce and wasabi paste.

With this some fresh spinach and rice.... enjoy!
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Cool diving picture

Friday : 05 Jan '07 - 14:52 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

Have a look at this 3D underwater picture... clearly a wannahave
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Studenten maaltijd

Thursday : 04 Jan '07 - 18:38 | damen default Only one comment | Wikipedia

Vandaag is eigenlijk een heerlijke studentendag. De hele dag in de weer geweest zonder dat ik echt moest werken, vanavond lekker gekookt (goed en veel, zoals het hoort in de hoeksteen). Een lekkere overnschoten met aardappels, diverse groenten, gehakt en het geheime recept van oma (aardappel anders :-)) en daarbij een lekker flesje wijn opengetrokken.

Nu is dat flesje wijn echt heel lekker, een Chateau Blaignan Cru Bourgeois 1995 uit de Medoc. Als ik me niet vergis is dat een van de flesjes die zo'n tijd bij staaltje in de kelder heeft gelegen. Nou, ik kan zeggen, hij is echt lekker hoor! En dan om het geheel af te sluiten vanavond nog eens ontspannen de kroeg in om een lekker fränkisch biertje te zuipen. Je moet zo'n korte vakantie immers genieten, of niet!

Hieronder het etiket van de 2000er, die vond ik toevallig op het net:


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Diving is fun... or isn't it?

Thursday : 04 Jan '07 - 13:41 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

Just Click on the image:

Click here for the video on YouTube

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Samenvatting van raar begin...

Thursday : 04 Jan '07 - 12:13 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

Voor de mensen die het graag wat grafischer hebben, hier de samenvatting van dit stukje:

Fokke en Sukke Website

Fokke en Sukke Website

Zoals altijd hebben ze het weer zo goed weten te brengen :-) :-)
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Goh, alsof we dat nog niet wisten...

Thursday : 04 Jan '07 - 12:06 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia


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Paper destroyer

Wednesday : 03 Jan '07 - 14:19 | damen default Only one comment | Wikipedia

As mentioned below I am currently in a big cleaning up mood, not only for my music collection but also for the whole administration and stuff lying around in our appartment. I already managed to throw away one and a half clico (:-)) but still there is much to do.

So yesterday evening I emptied some old folders with lots of stuff on my firm (may it rest in peace) Maupertuis Design. And there was lots of invoices, receipts, banking information etc. So with this kind of stuff I was not really happy just throwing it in the paper recycling. I sometimes saw people looking in those blue boxes, so I decided to buy this nice little machine :-) Yeah baby, schredd those papers baby, yeah! (voice of Fat Basterd).


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mp3 Tag editor

Wednesday : 03 Jan '07 - 14:11 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

I have been spending some time these weeks cleaning up my music collection. The tool MP3Tag has been a great help doing that, so I decided to donate some money using paypal to this freeware program. And guest what, I just received this email :-)

Dear Martijn,

thank you very much for your donation! I'm glad that you like Mp3tag :)

I'll use the amount to cover the expenses for the traffic on

Thank you!

Kind regards en een Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!

Mp3tag - the universal Tag editor

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More GTD Moleskine hacks

Wednesday : 03 Jan '07 - 13:47 | damen default No comments yet | Wikipedia

I just found this at Lifehacker.Com, just have a look at their GTD Roundup.

More cool Moleskine Hacks for the GTD method
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Stupid provider Arcor

Wednesday : 03 Jan '07 - 13:44 | damen default Only one comment | Wikipedia

Today I had an interesting telephone conversation with the user help desk of Arcor, my local telecom provider. It seems that somehow the cable to my house is not of top quality and therefore the 16Mbit DSL connection is not possible, the best they can do is 6Mbit.

The story how I found out about this is simplified something like this:

Martijn sends email with question why the dsl connection breaks down all the time

Arcor responds with a letter (!) in which they state that I cannot have 16Mbit and have to call them (!) to get it downgraded to 6Mbit.

Martijn calls Arcor (24Ct/Min !!!*()@)(*()*@) and they change the connection, but cannot explain why this has to be done after I got my connection for 16Mbit in the first place. And when I ask how we are gonna handle the cost for the last month, they say I have to send a letter to them ???

So email --> Letter --> Phone --> Letter...

Yes, we live in the modern stone age... thank you arcor, thank you bloody much (John Cleese Voice)
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Ver good music

Tuesday : 02 Jan '07 - 20:29 | damen default Only one comment | Wikipedia

Music is always good as a gift, and so this year there were again numerous cd's changing hands on Christmas eve. One that I gave away myself was the CD "An Other Cup", byYusuf Islam. Many will probably know him better as Cat Stevens, if you are interested in the history you can find it here on Wikipedia.

Also check outhis website , very interesting design and UI, something that is of course of professional interest for me.

Album of Yusuf Islam

Another good CD is this one from Stevie Ann, called "Away From Here"

Stevie Ann - Away from Here

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Raar begin van het jaar 2007

Tuesday : 02 Jan '07 - 20:21 | damen default two comments, already | Wikipedia

Op de een of andere manier klopt het niet helemaal dit jaar. Als ik zo het nieuws op de nederlandse website volg heb ik het gevoel in een verkeerde wereld te zijn wakker geworden. Zo is bijvoorbeeld de nieuwjaarsnacht in Nederland 'rustig' verlopen. Ik weet niet hoe u het woord rustig definieert, naar metdoden, gewonden, rellen, verbrande auto's, medisch personeel dat onder politiebegeleiding moet proberen mensen te redden en meer van zulke dingen heb ik toch echt iets anders in gedachten. Maar ja, Nederland is zeker niet meer wat het geweest is.

Verder vond ik dit toch ook wel een beetje verontrustend: Naast de fijne traditioneele namen zoals Otto, Siegfried en Franz is dus nu Adolf ook weer heel gewoon hier in Duitsland... erg eng allemaal.

Dus doe me een plezier en zeg met dat het allemaal een nare droom is :-)
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Entering 2007

Monday : 01 Jan '07 - 17:27 | damen default Only one comment | Wikipedia

So, that's done. We have made it safely in 2007, even though it seemed that all local Germans tried to shoot us to nirvana yesterday with all that firework in the old city of Nürnberg. We started the evening with a very nice diner with friends in the restaurant Miss Saigon, which is located here in the local train museum.

The food was really good and also the location was very nice, high ceilings and a small train that drove the sushi through the restaurant.

After that we went into the city of Nürnberg to celebrate newyear, but there it was so full of people that seemed to share the same genes (shooting with firework at each other, throwing firework towards us etc) that I had to think of the Darwin Award. But luckily we found a nice place to stay and had a good transition in the new year.

So, for all of you that we haven't spoken:

Happy New Year!

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Excuse of the day

Your BOFH (Bastard Operator From Hell) excurse of the Day is:

Asynchronous Parameter Timeout Warning

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