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Time for management - 27 February 09 - 07:48

Today something happened that makes my whole carreer seem much more clear. I had some problems with my DSL connection at home, it was getting really slow and even the speedcheck of my provided Arcor times out. So I was already getting ready for a nice long waiting on the phone and discussion with the person on the other side.

I called the hotline, and after entering several numbers to identify myself on the phone the person said, let me give you a couple of hints before we connect you to our support staff. Ofcourse I thought, what a waste of my time, but then he suggested resetting the DSL-Modem. Oops, not a bad idea. So I disconnected the modem, waited a while and restarted the modem... checking, and it worked again!

typicsl PHB (Pointy Hairy Boss)

OMG --> I'm no techie anymore, ready to move in a phb management position

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