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Trip to Atlanta - 29 November 09 - 10:28

I'm currently sitting at the airport in Nürnberg waiting for my flight to go via Amsterdam to Atlanta, as we're having another workshop with our collegues within the USA. It will be interesting, as we are only two weeks away from our first testing cycle and we still have a lot to prepare and align, so I expect it to be a busy week.

For the rest of our application all is going very well, we have managed to reach a level where we have a lot of orders each day (nope, cannot tell you how many on this blog) and are still rollout out new regions, so our goals are still on track.
You can check it out, I am quite proud of it ;-) :

Siemens Industry Mall

I must say, it is quite a cool feeling that several thousands of people are using the software we build every day and use it to order equipment.

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