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Setting up a new PC for Manu's dad - 02 January 10 - 16:16

The father of Manu has his 60th birthday tomorrow and her mother is giving him a new pc for his birthday. As you can guess I'm the one who had to find, configure and setup the machine :-)

So far he has been working on a very old PC with Windows 98 (!!). That meant that every time he had some problems that I said I will fix in a minute I had to spend several hours finding out how this stuff was supposed to work on Windows 98 again... that was really several centuries ago for me.

So now the big step will be to switch to Windows 7. The new PC has everything he needs and we will give it together with a 22" monitor compared to the old 17" CRT, which is a big advantage (also for Manu, Claudia and me ;-)....

When looking back at the configuration the biggest problem was getting the same old Pinball Pro that he likes so much.. but I've also managed to get that working, so tonight at the party he will be quite suprised when he gets a book on Windows 7 and a paper PC ;-)

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