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Time to blog again - 16 July 10 - 22:00

It has been a long time since the last blog entry and in that time a lot has changed.
Personally we enjoy the life with our daughter Charlotte, who has changed our lives completely. I have experienced the joy of her first smile and the terror of sleepless nights, but after we got used to it we really enjoy being a small family ;-)

Professionally I have also switched jobs and are now responsible for a team of 20 technical experts for data migration within the environment of PLM (product lifecycle management) software. This was also a big change and I keep on learning stuff everyday.

Unfortunately this meant that there was not much time for diving the last half year, but last weekend we managed to get away to Austria for a long weekend and had our CMAS * Examinations with 9 students. The weather was great with over 30 degrees, but due to heavy rain the sight was horrible. As usual, details of the dives can be found in the diving log.

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