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Backing up Email to synology NAS - 24 November 12 - 06:45

For some time my backup solution was running quiet behind my back:
- All my documents are synced between my workstation and my Synology NAS
- all Music, Photos and videos are stored directly on the NAS
- The NAS has 2 3Tb HDDs which are mirrored, in case one of them breaks
- all data on the NAS is backed up in the Cloud using Crashplan with a headless client on the NAS
... and regulary I make offline backups on a portable harddisk that I put with the parents in law

One thing that Scott Hanselmann pointed out was "do not trust the could. Since about 5 years all of my email is running through gmail, thus if something happens there or Google turns out to be evil I have a big issue.
Thus this solution came up, backing up gmail in a standardized email format using a small python application.

I spend about 2 hours installing, configurating and testing it and now it runs on the NAS in a way I do not have to think about :)

Another step in the backup world...

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