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This site shows actually the trip we want to make more or less, it a has a good travel story (in Dutch), some photos and movies of the Thailand trip.
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Today we went by our local travel shop to pay a small fortune, but now at least we have our tickets for the trip to thailand.

We'll leave on November 2nd from Frankfurt in the evening, make a stopover in the early morning in Abu Dhabi and continue to Bangkok to arive there on the 3rd of November around 18h30.

From there we will go to the Hotel Royal where we'll stay for two nights, which gives us good opportunities to get used to the climate, the thai smiles and get a kickstart in our holiday feeling.

Hotel Royal - Bangkok

After that? Well, still open, we want to put together a small roadmap, but that will probably change the moment we land in Bangkok.

Map of Bangkok with location of hotel Royal

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