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For those of you who want to have a general idea on the trip we take in Thailand, here is a basic idea of what we want to do:

This shows basically our routes


We'll leave from Frankfurt Airport at 22h10 on Friday evening with Ethihad Airways flight EY8. For the trip from Nürnberg to the Airport we have a Rail-and-Fly ticket, but this could become a problem as the German train drivers are currently on strike. So we also made a reservation for a car, just to be sure :(


We have one stop in Abu Dhabi (airport site), were we will arrive at 07h10. There we fly out again two ours later at 09h10 to Thailand with Ethihad Airways flight EY408.
We'll arrive at the new Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) at 18h25. Due to the timezones we'll then be traveling over 18 hours. The time difference is 6 hours.

We take the Airport Express Bus to Koh San Road, where our hotel (Hotel Royal) is just around the corner. We will probably be very tired, so no long nights in Bangkok :-).

We spend the day in Bangkok:

We spend the day in Bangkok, doing the stuff we did not do the day before. If we are ready for it we'll take the train to Ayutthaya, a word heritage with lots of old dynasty temples.
Because we arrive in the evening we have to find a hotel or guest house in Ayutthaya.

We will spend the day in Ayutthaya and hopefully see a lot of cool stuff (Info, Info on storing luggage).

In the evening we'll take the night train further to Chiang Mai, where we'll arrive in the morning

11/07/2007 - 11/08/2007

We'll spend the time in Chiang Mai, enjoying the local markets and perhaps take cooking classes.

11/09/2007 - 11/11/2007

We want to take a hiking tour in the Mountains around Chiang Mai, there should be a lot of tours offered from Chiang Mai.
Site of Wayfarers Hiking
Real Travel Chiang Mai - Things to do
Chiang Dao Nest Tours & Trekking, very interesting tour 3 days 2 nights


We have to take the night train back to Bangkok and from there the plane to the south - Krabi.
We will arrive in Krabi somewhere in the evening and have to take the ferry to the island of Koh Lanta

11/13/2007 - 11/20/2007

We'll spend some relaxing time in Koh Lanta, enjoying good food, the beach, snorkeling and of course some dives for Martijn :-)

We have to take the flight back to Bangkok and spend the last two days in Bangkok (shopping).

Our Ethihad Airways flight EY407 will leave the airport at 08h40 in the morning, which means we have to be at the airport very early :(. Then we'll arrive in Abu Dhaibi at 12h15 and leave again at 14h00. We'll arrive in Frankfurt at 17h50 and hopefully we can take the train home and be home at midnight. Too soon!
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Packing List

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Less than a week to go and we'll be in Bangkok, somehow the vacation is now really close. In order to ensure that we bring everything we need and especially nothing too much we are going through lots of packing lists. Luckily with this again the Internet is your friend and we found several good places with tips:

The unofficial Thailand FAQ
Has some good tips on what to bring and what to remember on Thailand

Some lists of fellow travellers:

The Universal Package List Generator
interesting help for generating packing lists for different kind of travels
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Train travelling in Thailand

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This site contains a lot of information for travelling with the train in Thailand:

We think we'll do a train ride Bangkok - Ayuthaya - Chiang Mai - Bangkok - Krabi

Further we found this (German) site, which provides lots of information on traveling in Thailand:
Koh Lantra: ;

We will probably go to Krabi for the last week, the problem is that we fly the next morning back to Germany around 8:40, which means we have to get up very early. Because there is no way to fly into Bangkok on that day we have to fly in the day before and searched for a place to stay near the airport. For that we found this place called Sanawan Palace and BB Guesthouse, as shown on the map very near to the airport. Here's even more info on this Hotel:

The cool thing is they also have a map in Thai for the taxi driver :-)

We found this information on this Thorn Tree post
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