19 09 2004 + 0 - 0 So, who are you

Ok, something about me.

I finished my study Industrial Engineering & Management at the University of Twente on the 12th of November 2002, a few days before turning 26. During the last half year of my study I worked with Siemens in a small place called Erlangen, somewhere in the south of Germany. There I did research on the Macro-Environmental Influences on eBusiness Strategies. After graduating I worked as a work-student at the same Siemens for another half a year, before becoming a full-time employee there and entering a Trainee@IT Programm.

Since then I have been working with Siemens on several eBusiness related things (like http://mall.industry.siemens.com and http://mall.ad.siemens.de/) and at the moment I am working on a completely new project.... let's just say it is all very interesting.

During my free time I like to go diving (that explains the divelog, duh!), I try to play squash once a week and in the weekend my girlfriend Aiyue and I like to go out for hiking, climbing and taking longer tours in the Alps. Ah, before I forget, I am trying to learn chinese, but this is something with it's ups and downs :-(.

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