Divenumber: 410
Datum: 03 October 2012      
Country: Germany
City/Island: Steinberg
Divelocation: Steinbergersee
Buddy: Raimund Schilder
Divetime: 29 minutes
Depth: 21.34 meter
Tank Size / Typ: Steel
Presure In / Out: 191.91 bar / 127.88 bar
Gas usage: 64.03 bar (0 liter)
Gas: Air
Watertemp: 3.2 °C
Airtemp: 0 °C
Weather: ---
Divesuit: Drysuit
Dive computer: Smart Z
Comment: Raimund Schilder - CMAS *** TG 2.0 - Aufstieg aus 20m mit atmen aus 2. Automat OK
Deco Dive:
Repetitive Dive:
Dive Profile:
Diving Profile dive #410


One of the important things of diving is keeping record of the dives, in case somethings goes wrong. This divelog is showing my dives sice 2000, they year I started diving.

Useless diving statistics

Total # of dives: 490
Total bottom time: 273:15
My first dive: 16 April 2000
My last dive: 29 December 2018
My longest Dive: 88 minutes
My shortest Dive: 5 minutes
My deepest Dive: 50.9 meter
My shalowest Dive: 2 meter
Average depth: 19 meter

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